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Fascial Movement Taping


Triq Wenzu Dyer


Date: 10th and 11th April 2015


FMT 1 and FMT 2: €250
FMT 1/2: €175
10% off for students.
15%off for groups of 3 applicants
25%off for groups of more than 3 applicants
The course is fully smart card refundable
Course will be delivered by the Medical Director of RockTape UK - Paul Cocker


The course is aimed at Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports and Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers and Students within any of the previously mentioned professions.
FMT1 aims to teach you lots of taping techniques and the concepts on which they are based. This will equip you with the skills and understanding to effectively apply ROCKTAPE to virtually any problem within the musculoskeletal system.

Concepts covered:

* Regional Optimisation Taping: To reduce pain and improve function.
* Postural Control Taping: To correct/improve postural dysfunctions in the trunk and limbs.
* Oedema Control Taping: To enhance natural drainage of both acute and chronic swelling.
* POWERTAPING: Reduce pain and enhance performance by optimizing myofascial slings and anatomy trains.

FMT 2 - Taking your taping skills to the next level

FMT2 will include exciting new techniques such as ‘Tweak Taping’ to enhance and elongate the effects of manual therapy. We will also teach you how to identify and tape common points of failed load transfer which often drive chronic/recurrent problems. And of course there will be more on Power Taping including upper limb lines and combining trunk and limb lines.

Concepts covered:

* Tweak Taping: Improving joint alignment and correcting positional faults with tape.
* Advanced Regional Optimisation Taping: to reduce pain and improve function
* Advanced Postural Control Taping: to correct/ improve postural dysfunctions in trunk and limbs
* PowerTaping: Reduce pain and enhance performance by optimising myofascial slings and anatomy trains
* Pregnancy taping

What's included in the price:

Taping material,Course notes, Tape, Morning/Afternoon tea.
CPD: A personal certificate of attendance with CPD hours will be issued upon completion.
Each day of the course is equivalent to 7.5 CPD hours

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